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of Your Pain

Cold Laser Therapy can quickly help
heal back, knee, and joint pain.

Individualized care

Cold Laser Therapy

minimal downtime

low level laser therapy

long-lasting results

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Cold Laser Therapy is a non-drug, non-invasive way to deal with acute and chronic pain. Cold Laser Therapy reduces pain and inflammation. The process is quick, painless, free of side effects, and has zero recovery time.

Cold Laser Therapy improves circulation, speeds up healing, and activates the body’s natural pain-relieving response. This dramatically speeds up tissue repair and wound healing to get you back to feeling better and doing the things you love again.

You don't have to spend another day in pain

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individualized Care Plans

Based on your medical history and a comprehensive exam, we develop a care plan specifically for you.

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Minimal Downtime

We use the least invasive pain management strategies possible to get you back to your active lifestyle as quickly as possible.

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Long-Lasting Results

Our multi-disciplinary approach not only gets you back to good health faster but also helps keep you that way.

You'll Get Back To LIving a Life You Love,
No Surgery Required

We understand how frustrating chronic back pain, reduced mobility, low energy, and overall fatigue and weakness can be, especially when you’ve been told prescription medications—or even surgery—are your only option. That’s why we’ve spent the past 18 years helping people just like you feel better and healthier than ever through highly effective, non-invasive treatments.


Cold Laser Therapy can be used to resolve:


Swelling in the Knee, Shoulder, or Other Joint


Accute Sprains and Strains


Disc Herniations or Bulges


Peripheral Neuropathy


Joint Pain

Here's How It Works

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Schedule a consultation.

During your initial visit, we will review your complete medical history. We also conduct a comprehensive exam.

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We’ll create a care plan just for you.

We develop a care plan specifically for you based on our conversation and findings.

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Start living your life again!

Our multi-disciplinary approach gets you feeling better faster. You will quickly be back to living your best life.

Successful Healing Starts With Choosing the Right Team

At Vitality Integrative Wellness, we define success one patient at a time, but our goal is always the same: optimal health and wellness. Through a combination of functional and integrative medicine and with the help of state-of-the-art technology and treatments, we help get our patients back to living full and active lives.

Learn more about Cold Laser Therapy

What Is a Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold Laser Therapy is sometimes known as “Class IIIb” laser therapy. It uses specific light wavelengths to penetrate damaged tissue and initiate the healing process. Our medical team can choose the exact depth that the laser will penetrate to target the root of your pain. When the laser comes in contact with the tissue, the body produces adenosine triphosphate- a compound our cells use for energy. This process stimulates the damaged cells, resulting in healing, reduced pain, and improved nerve function and vascular activity.

How do I know it will work?

Our staff has helped patients with arthritis and degenerative joint disease for over 18 years. We were one of the early adopters of Cold Laser Therapy. We have incorporated Low-Level Laser Therapy into our practice for over 10 years.

We have performed thousands of procedures and draw on a vast base of clinical knowledge. We can tell at your consultation and examination if you are a good candidate or not for Cold Laser Therapy and will not accept your case unless we have had past clinical success with your type of condition. We have a high degree of success and have a 90% patient satisfaction rating.

What types of conditions respond to Low Level Laser Therapy?

Some common conditions that Cold Laser Therapy may help are:

  1. Arthritis pain
  2. Back pain and spinal conditions
  3. Carpal tunnel syndrome
  4. Knee pain
  5. Neck pain
  6. Tendonitis
  7. Musculoskeletal Pain
  8. Stenosis
  9. Fractures
  10. Frozen shoulder
  11. IT Band syndrome
  12. Shin splints
  13. Soft Tissue Injuries
  14. Myofascial Trigger Points
  15. Tennis Elbow / Golfer's Elbow
  16. Bell’s Palsy
  17. Plantar Fasciitis
  18. Sports Injuries (ligaments and tendons)
  19. Sprains & Strains
  20. Bursitis
  21. Hamstring Tears
How long until I notice results?

The simple answer is very quickly. Usually 1-2 days for minor conditions and up to 3-4 weeks for more complicated conditions. The typical patient will notice 30-50% improvement by the 4th or 5th week after the procedure. Every patient responds differently so It is difficult to determine precisely how quickly you will respond.

Is there any downtime or recovery period?

No. The entire procedure can be completed in about 10 minutes. You will be able to walk out on your own with no assistance.

After the procedure you may return to your normal routine with a couple of exceptions:

  1. We ask that you perform no weight-bearing exercise for 4 weeks after your procedure.
  2. Limit walking and standing to no longer than 30 minutes at a time. If you feel pain, stop whatever you are doing and rest.
  3. Avoid foods that are known to contribute to inflammation. We will provide you with a list of these foods in your new patient packet.
Are my results permanent?

This is a very complicated question. In general, we would say that assuming you do not re-injure the area in the future or cause any more damage then yes, the results are long lasting. That being said, nothing within your body can be considered permanent. Remember, our cells are constantly growing, changing, and dying. Your body will continue to age no matter how successful Cold Laser Therapy is. To that extent, the joint or affected area will still continue to age along with every other cell in your body.

Does insurance cover this?

We will verify your insurance during your appointment. Your insurance company will notify us if laser therapy is a covered benefit. If you do not have insurance coverage, we have several financing options. Costs of Low-Level Laser Therapy will vary based on the severity of the condition. We will always be upfront with the cost of treatment when we review your customized care plan.