CertifiedWebster Technique
SchoolPalmer College of Chiropractic, West. 2001
DegreesDoctor of Chiropractic. Diplómate Candidate through the American Board of Clinical Nutrition
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Michael T. Bell, DC

Clinic Director

Dr. Michael Bell stands at the helm of Vitality Integrative Wellness as its esteemed Founder and CEO. His primary responsibility is managing the overall operations of Vitality, guiding his team with the latest advancements and technologies in healthcare.

Dr. Bell's journey in chiropractic care began at Palmer College of Chiropractic West, where he specialized in the Diversified Method, graduating in 2001. He then established his first clinic in Temecula, CA, to treat chronic conditions. As a pioneer in non-surgical spinal decompression, Dr. Bell developed a deep expertise in assisting patients with sciatica, herniated discs, and degenerative disc disease in both the neck and lower back. His proficiency benefited thousands of patients and enabled him to train other practitioners in this therapeutic technique.

During his initial years of practice, Dr. Bell observed a common trend among his patients with disc disease – they often suffered from additional ailments requiring medical intervention beyond his scope. This realization fueled his interest in understanding the biomechanical functioning of the body and investigating the root causes of various illnesses. Driven by a desire to contribute to resolving the healthcare crisis, he envisioned a health center that embraced a multidisciplinary approach, incorporating Functional and Regenerative Medicine to aid patient recovery.

This vision led to the creation of Vitality Integrative Wellness.

Dr. Bell's ambition is to enable patients to attain a healthy, pain-free existence without relying on medication or surgery, supported by an exceptional healthcare team dedicated to unlocking the body's innate healing capabilities.

Having assisted thousands of patients, Dr. Bell has observed that the clinical success rates and the longevity of outcomes at Vitality surpass those of isolated treatments offered elsewhere. The team-based approach at Vitality alleviates pain and centers on a holistic health and wellness strategy, restoring patients' quality of life.

Residing in Murrieta, CA, with his wife Constance and their children, Gradin and Londyn, Dr. Bell is a passionate mechanic and inventor. Away from his professional duties, he is often engaged in automotive projects, assisting his son with motorcycle or bike repairs, or completing various home and yard projects. His leisure time is filled with wake surfing on the lake, hiking in the mountains, and fly fishing with his family, embracing the joys of outdoor life.

Committed to improving patient care, Dr. Mike is pursuing his Diplomate status with the American Board of Clinical Nutrition, embodying his dedication to lifelong learning and professional growth.