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Improve mobility and get relief from back pain, neck pain, and migraines with chiropractic care.

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Find relief from neck, back and joint pain with your local chiropractor in San Jacinto, CA.

Prescription drugs do only one thing- temporarily cover up the pain and discomfort of aches and pains. Pain is an indication that something else is going on under the surface and can often be caused by pressure that is being placed on a nerve.

Chiropractic adjustments provide fast results and can correct the problem. If no further damage is done, the pain should not come back again.

neck pain

Neck Pain

shoulder pain

Shoulder Pain

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Ankle Pain

back pain

Back Pain


Foot Pain

Knee pain

Knee Pain

Living Your Best Life starts with feeling your best

Our team of health professionals will first identify the root cause of your symptoms. Then we design a care plan that gets you back to feeling like yourself again. Vitality has a team of chiropractors that offer long-lasting pain management.


Pressure on nerves can cause pain and inflammation in almost every joint in the body. Chiropractic care can safely reduce nerve pressure so the body can heal faster. This helps reduce the need for drugs or painful cortisone injections.

Improved motion & function

Chiropractic adjustments can help a variety of conditions. These range from sports injuries to the pain of osteoarthritis. Adjustments are gentle and safe and work with the body’s natural ability to heal.

Minimal Recovery Time

Chiropractic care helps patients recover quicker and get back to the life they want to live. Results can be seen in as little as one visit, but more severe cases will take a little longer. Often patients can avoid surgery if they seek Chiropractic care. Getting help needs to be done as early as possible so the problem does not get worse.



Back Pain


Foot Pain


Knee Pain


Ankle Pain


Neck Pain


Shoulder Pain

What Patients are Saying

Doris Batarse

Entire team helpful, professional, and pleasant. It's a happy environment and I love going in for my appointments. I leave feeling great pain free and in a good mood!

Charles Burse

Very friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and accommodating staff. The treatment is going very well.

Megan Goodnough

My boyfriend and I both have been going to Vitality for some time now and I couldn’t be happier! I visit Dr. Bell once a month and because of him I am migraine free! I use to suffer from horrible migraines almost every day. Every time I feel off, Vitality is the first place I call and almost always feel better as I leave the office! The staff is also so friendly, and helpful! My boyfriend also gets adjusted by Dr. Bell, after years of motorcycle racing, he is pain free because of Dr. Bell!

Karen “Geistkitty” D

Going to Vitality Medical Group was one of the best decisions I've made. They have taken away the pain I suffered daily and given me hope for the future. My experience as a patient has been phenomenal. They are very accommodating and compassionate and treated me like a member of their family. Don't go the surgery or pain meds route, go and see Vitality. I totally recommend them!

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Do you struggle with chronic pain or disability? Are you living less than your best life? 

If so, we are so sorry. At Vitality, we don’t think anyone should have to learn to live with chronic pain or other issues. 

That is why we offer a holistic, full-body approach to living your best life. And it’s all without surgery or prescription drugs! 

Contact us today to start your journey towards wellness! We would love to help you along the way. 

Our goal is to get you out enjoying the sights and sounds of San Jacinto, CA as soon as possible! After all, there are lots of great things to do and see in San Jacinto, including: 

  • Estudillo Mansion 
  • Soboba Casino Resort 
  • The Country Club at Soboba Springs 
  • Druding park 
  • Soviet Transpolar Landing Site 
  • Backyard Paintball Park 
  • Ramona Crossings 

Plus all the beautiful natural features such as the San Jacinto Mountains and the bustling commerce of nearby San Diego and Los Angeles. 

Located at the north end of the San Jacinto Valley, California, San Jacinto is a city in Riverside County, CA. It is surrounded by the San Jacinto Mountains. Founded in 1870 and incorporated in 1888, San Jacinto is one of the oldest cities in Riverside County. 

San Jacinto is known for being the home of San Jacinto college, a community college founded in 1965. It is also the home of Soboba Casino, a gaming casino owned by the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians. The Sobobas are sovereign and self-sufficient in their own community affairs. 

San Jacinto covers a total of 26.12 square miles of land and is home to over 44,000 people. describes the city like this: 

Located at the base of the San Jacinto Mountains and adjacent to the San Jacinto River, the City of San Jacinto has much to offer residents and businesses alike. As one of the oldest incorporated cities in Riverside County, you'll find an eclectic combination of the old and the new.

Uncongested traffic flows as freely as the clean, crisp air. A quaint and revitalized Main Street, affordable housing, shopping venues, and excellent golf represent a few of the many amenities to enjoy in San Jacinto.

Extraordinary business and entrepreneurial opportunities are also advantages of being in San Jacinto. The City is home to some of the most successful and profitable businesses in the region.

If you live in San Jacinto and want to take the first steps toward complete wellness, give us a call here at Vitality! We would be happy to help you. 

We serve all zip codes and neighborhoods in San Jacinto, CA, including: 

92581, 92582, 92583

Soboba Hot Springs, Redlands, Romoland 

And all other San Jacinto zip codes and neighborhoods. We look forward to hearing from you!

Other local areas we serve:

Better health is the best form of self care.

You're feeling run down, tired, and your health is just not what it used to be. You've tried every diet and supplement out there, but nothing seems to help.

We know it can feel like you're stuck in a never-ending cycle of trying to fix yourself, without any success. You're not alone! Many women are struggling with chronic health problems that don't have a clear answer or solution.

Vitality Integrative Wellness is here to help. Our integrative approach combines the best of traditional wellness and functional medicine to get to the root of your problems and provide relief. We offer chiropractic care, massage, cold laser therapy, regenerative and functional medicine - all under one roof!

No more feeling like your body is against you. Give yourself the care you deserve.

A wellness partner that sees you through every season of life.

At Vitality Integrative Wellness, we define success one patient at a time, but our goal is always the same: optimal health and wellness for life. Through a combination of functional and integrative medicine and with the help of state-of-the-art technology and treatments, we help our patients - young and old - get back to living full and active lives.


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