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Another Cortisone Shot Isn't the Answer.

While cortisone shots can be used to reduce inflammation, they do something else, too: prevent your body from healing. Inflammation actually signals your body’s stem cells to find and repair damaged connective tissue in ligaments, tendons, cartilage, and muscle. But the cortisone shots–or even NSAID drugs like Ibuprofen–you’re taking to get rid of inflammation are preventing your stem cells from ever receiving a message that something is wrong. 

Experience true pain relief with regenerative orthopedics & sports medicine in Temecula!

Regenerative Medicine Helps you live your best life by feeling your best

Our team of health professionals will first diagnose the root cause of your symptoms. Then we design a care plan that gets you back to feeling like yourself again.

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faster healing

By signaling the body’s own regenerative stem cells, the body is able to heal faster and stronger by improving the cushioning and lubrication of the joint.

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Improved motion + function

Regenerative Orthopedics is non-invasive–no cutting, scraping, or moving tissue involved–so the joint can heal naturally without losing any mobility. 

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Minimal recovery time

Regenerative Medicine allows patients to return to their daily activities within 3-4 weeks. Our results get you back to normal faster than surgery.

Regenerative Medicine Gets You Back To Living a Life You Love in Temecula - No Surgery Required

We understand how frustrating chronic joint pain, reduced mobility, low energy, and overall fatigue and weakness can be, especially when you’ve been told prescription medications—or even surgery—are your only option. That’s why we’ve spent the past 18 years helping people just like you feel better and healthier than ever through highly effective, non-invasive treatments.

What Patients are Saying


I wholeheartedly recommend the Vitality Medical Group if you’re in pain! They will take care of you from start to finish. I went in with back problems, lower leg cramps and tingling. I am pain free with no problems or issues. The staff is like family and they threat as such. The best money that I have spent on myself! Everyone does a great job! Thanks Vitality for giving me a pain free retirement!


I’ve been going for 3 weeks and have felt a major difference in my back. Definitely a lot less pain. Staff is amazing and doctors are great!! I highly recommend Vitality Medical Group with those in pain. Honestly, I thought I’d live in pain forever and with this team, I won’t have to.


Love all the staff. They are always smiling and making sure there patients are taken care of. I would highly recommend them!


Dr Bell and his team provide outstanding information and practical caring help. Their stem cell treatment enabled me to avoid risky back surgery and become pain free! I’m so grateful!

Experience the versatility of regenerative orthopedics

Regenerative Medicine can be used to resolve:


Back Pain


Foot Pain


Knee Pain


Ankle Pain


Neck Pain


Sports Injuries

Here's How It Works

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Schedule a consultation.

During your initial visit, we will review your complete medical history and conduct a comprehensive exam.

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We’ll create a care plan just for you.

Based on our conversation and findings from the initial visit, we develop a care plan specifically for you.

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Start living your life again!

Our multidisciplinary approach gets you feeling better faster and back to living your best life.

Successful Regenerative Medicine Treatments Start by Choosing the Right Team

At Vitality Integrative Wellness, we define success one patient at a time, but our goal is always the same: optimal health and wellness. Through a combination of functional and integrative medicine and with the help of state-of-the-art technology and treatments, we help get our patients back to living full and active lives.

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Trusted Regenerative Medicine Treatments in Temecula, California.

The Vitality Integrative Wellness approach combines the best of traditional wellness and functional medicine. Proudly serving Temecula for over 18 years, we offer chiropractic care, massage therapy, cold laser therapy, regenerative and functional medicine – all under one roof – so you can get back to living your life again.

Are you experiencing chronic pain, disability, or poor quality of life? 

If this is your story, we feel your pain. At Vitality Wellness, we don’t think anyone should have to live less than their best life. 

That is why we offer a full-body approach to wellness without surgery or prescription drugs. Our services include regenerative medicine, chiropractic care, and cold laser treatments. 

Give us a call today if you are in the Temecula, CA area and want to start your journey toward wellness. 

We want to get you out enjoying Temecula as soon as we can! After all, there is plenty of attractions in Temecula that you wouldn’t want to miss out on, including: 

  • Wilson Creek Winery 
  • Old Town Temecula 
  • Vindemia Estate Winery 
  • Leoness Cellars 
  • Pechanga Casino 
  • The Alpaca Hacienda 
  • Temecula Berry Company 
  • Pennypickle’s Workshop at the Temecula Children's Museum 
  • Rose Haven Heritage Garden 
  • Temecula Duck Pond and Park 
  • Old Town Temecula Community Theatre 

Plus all the exciting things to do and see in the nearby cities of Los Angeles and San Diego. 

Temecula is a charming tourist and resort city in Riverside County, California. It is located in the heart of Temecula Valley Wine Country and it is home to numerous first-class wineries! If you visit you will have trouble choosing between them. 

It is also the home of the Temecula Valley Balloon and Wine Festival, the Temecula Valley International Film Festival, championship golf courses, and fabulous resort accommodations, all of which contribute to its economic profile. 

Temecula is located approximately 58 miles north of downtown San Diego and 85 miles southeast of Los Angeles. It forms the southwestern anchor of the Inland Empire Region. With a population of 110,003 at the 2020 census, Temecula is the 5th most populous city in Riverside County. 

The area was originally inhabited by the Temecula Indians, from which the city of Temecula gets its name. Later, Spanish missionaries arrived and created a mission outpost there. Today the city covers a total of 37.28 square miles of land and draws many tourists and visitors per year. 

The Temecula website describes Temecula this way: 

Temecula is well known for its championship golf courses, a climate perfect for serene and beautiful hot-air ballooning adventures, and award-winning wineries nestled in 3,000 acres of picturesque wine country, but that's just the beginning. The community's mix of entertaining activities and friendly residents makes visitors want to return again and again.

If you are ever in the area, be sure to visit Temecula! 

If you live here and want to start your journey towards complete wellness, give us a call to start today! We would love to help you.

We serve all zip codes and neighborhoods in Temecula, CA, including: 

92589, 92590, 92591, 92592, 92593 

Roripaugh Ranch, Wolf Creek, Vail Ranch, Los Ranchitos, Tuscany Ridge, Margarita Village, Crowne Hill, Winchester Creek, Roripaugh Hills, Campos Verdes, Paloma del Sol - Paseo del Sol, Morgan Hill, Meadowview, Rancho Highlands, Temecula Creek, Redhawk, Harveston, Arbor Glen, Serena Hills, Old Town Temecula 

And other surrounding zip codes and neighborhoods. 

We look forward to hearing from you!

Learn more about Regenerative Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

What Is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative Medicine is a healing art that harnesses the self-healing capabilities of the body. Science has researched stem cells and how they work for over 70 years. In the last 20 years, medical treatments and procedures have been developed based on the concept of how stem cells work inside our own body. The goal is to signal the body using an externally injected tissue which then signals the body to begin a healing and repair response. The goal of doctors who practice Regenerative Medicine is to restore lost function due to age, illness, injury, or disease.

How do I know it will work?

The doctors and medical providers at Vitality Integrative Wellness have been treating patients with arthritis and degenerative joint disease for over 18 years. We were one of the early adopters of Regenerative Medicine and have incorporated Regenerative Medicine treatment into our practice for over 7 years.

We have performed thousands of procedures and have a vast base of clinical knowledge to draw from. Essentially, we can tell at your consultation and examination if you are a good candidate or not for Regenerative Medicine. We will not accept your case unless we have had past clinical success with your type of condition. We have a high degree of success and have a 90% patient satisfaction rating.

What types of conditions respond to Regenerative Medicine?

The purpose of a Regenerative Medicine procedure is to restore function to a joint that has lost stability, lubrication, or cushioning. This means that weight bearing joints and joints that get a lot of use in our daily lives respond very well.

Some common conditions that Regenerative Medicine may help are:

  1. Knee pain or knee arthritis (loss of meniscal cartilage)
  2. Shoulder pain or shoulder arthritis (rotator cuff tears, labrum damage)
  3. Lumbar or low back degenerative joint disease (facet)
  4. Cervical or neck degenerative joint disease (facet)
  5. Peripheral Neuropathy (numbness, tingling, or burning of the legs and feet)
  6. Tennis Elbow 
  7. Golfers Elbow
  8. Ligament or tendon tears
  9. Cartilage degeneration or cartilage damage (tears, etc.)
  10. Bursitis
  11. Tendonitis
How long until I notice results?

The simple answer is, very quickly - usually 1-2 days for minor conditions and up to 3-4 weeks for more complicated conditions. On average the typical patient will notice 30-50% improvement by the 4th or 5th week after the procedure. Of course, every patient responds differently, and it is difficult to determine exactly how quickly you will respond. 

Is there any downtime or recovery period?

No. The entire procedure can be completed in about 30-45 minutes and you will be able to walk out on your own with no assistance.

After the procedure, you may return to your regular routine with a couple of exceptions:

  1. We ask that you perform no weight-bearing exercise for 4 weeks after your procedure.
  2. Limit walking and standing to no longer than 30 minutes at a time. If you feel pain, stop whatever you are doing and rest.
  3. Avoid foods that are known to contribute to inflammation. We will provide you with a list of these foods in your new patient packet.
Are my results permanent?

This is a very complicated question. In general, we would say that assuming you do not re-injure the area in the future or cause any more damage to the joint then yes, the results are long lasting. That being said, nothing within your body can be considered permanent. Remember, our cells are constantly growing, changing, and dying. Your body will continue to age no matter how successful Regenerative Medicine is. To that extent, the joint or area that was injected will still continue to age along with every other cell in your body.

Does insurance cover this?

No. There is currently no insurance company anywhere in the world that covers the cost of Regenerative Medicine. We have many financing options available to fit most any budget. Costs of Regenerative Medicine will vary based on the severity of the condition. We will always be up front with the cost of treatment once a member of our medical team has examined you and determined the necessary care plan.

What other services do you offer in Temecula?

We offer our full range of wellness services in Temecula, CA, including:

If you live in the greater Temecula area and suffer from chronic pain, please schedule a consultation today - we would love to help you get your life 100% back!


What other California areas do you serve with regenerative medicine?

We serve many Southern California areas from our Temecula office, including:

And many more surrounding regions and areas.